About the Book

“…rush to read this wonderful, wistful, witty anthology. You will laugh and you will cry.”

“The experiences and insights revealed across this uninhibited and often lighthearted literary collection are certain to inspire the reader…”


A collection of dynamic stories and poems, told with style and substance
by writers in their 60s (Boomers), 70s and 80s (Bobbysoxers).

The treasury of stories bears witness to the infinite capacity of the human spirit by survivors who have lived through some of the most transformative periods in history.

  • Some ‘put a smile on the face of life,’ as in the humorous account of the tribulations and benefits of life in an assisted living facility, or when we uncover the wonder of rediscovered sex after our adult kids have finally left home.
  • They illustrate what we do ‘when life hands you a zinger;’ and you emerge from an inexplicably sexless marriage, or overcome the obstacle of losing your job.
  • They encourage us, ‘don’t overlook the obvious’ by demonstrating the still present sense of adventure as one intrepid heroine goes hang-gliding for the first time at age 70.
  • They focus on ‘the gift of endless benefits:’ how, with the passion to help others, we can actually change ourselves.

The stories bring us to that deep place of knowing, which reminds us that much is to be found accessible to the inquiring mind and the open heart.

With the advances in healthcare and technology, we are no longer limited by our chronological age.

So, why not Let YOUR Clock Run Wild?


17 thoughts on “About the Book

  1. I checked out the website, read the Press Release and clicked “like” on facebook. Now I’ll sit back and wait for April 30! Thanks for all the time, effort and love you’ve put into this project. Let’s hope the book flies off the shelves of bookstores and Amazon…

  2. so excited for the release date, thrilled to be a contributor and part of the “keep on truckin’ generation. thank you for your inspired work in bringing this anthology into fruition.

  3. Congratulations Judy. I wondered where you were putting your time, now it’s clear. Hope your book is a screaming success and that you are absolutely thrilled with this accomplishment. All the best, Annette

      • I was on my way to booksigning and was waylayed, so to speak. However have thoroughly enjoyed all the hoopla surounding it’s release and now comments from contributors. You’ll be happy to hear after almost 7 years, I’m going on my first date. All the best Judy and Congratulations again xo

  4. Congratulation Judy, and participating writers!
    Such a great idea, and I am looking forward the book signing event!

  5. Judy. Love the title and look forward to reading everyone’s contributions. As a boomer, I am just now seeing the impermanence of everything and the “adventures” that unfold. Looking forward to your book. Congratulations

  6. JUDY JUST FINISHED WATCHING YOUR “INTERVIEW”..You could barely get a word in!!!

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