The Best Senior Movie of 2014…



Critics say that REDWOOD HIGHWAY is a MUST SEE, especially if you’re over 50. Academy Award nominee Shirley Knight and screen legend Tom Skerritt light up the screen in this Ageless Adventure. In fact, Rotten Tomatoes currently lists the film as 88, an unprecedented high mark for an independent production.

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REDWOOD HIGHWAY tells the story of Marie, a woman who has not seen the Oregon coast in over 45 years because of a loss she suffered when she was young. Her son and most of the people in Marie’s life tell her it’s time to relax and wait for death in a comfy senior community, but Marie has other ideas. She sets off on the journey of a lifetime, walking 80 miles along the famous Redwood Highway to attend her granddaughter’s wedding. You’ll be inspired by her journey, and will likely see yourself in her desire to prove that you’re never too old to have a great adventure, and heal your life in the process.

To see the trailer, click here.

You can watch REDWOOD HIGHWAY today by visiting one of the following links. If you’re feeling the need to watch a movie that will change your life and leave you feeling better about being “a certain age,” then THIS IS IT!

Vimeo-on-Demand, click here.

Amazon Instant Video, click here.

iTunes, click here.

And, of course, you can buy the DVD here: Amazon, click here.

It’s time the film industry started paying attention to the biggest group of movie watchers in the world! Show them you care about ageless dramas that don’t rely upon profanity and special effects to tell a story! Watch REDWOOD HIGHWAY today!

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