About the Editors

Judy Warner Scher:


A writer, editor and publisher of non-fiction books for more than twenty years, Ms. Scher is recognized  for excellence in books focusing on philosophy, religion and biographical material. Amongst other publications, she compiled and edited three anthologies: Transformation of the HeartThe Dharmic Challenge and Inspired Medicine as well as having published numerous stories and essays in books and small publications.   Let Someone Hold You, a memoir edited by Ms. Scher, won the Christopher award in 1997.  Ms. Scher was editor and co-publisher at Leela Press. She honed her editing skills working with Eleanor Friede, best known for bringing the novella Jonathan Livingston Seagull to publication.

Judy Warner Scher’s career in writing and publishing followed many years in the theater as an actress, singer, composer/lyricist and producer, a career she revisited recently as she created, wrote and produced shows for local TV called Dare Kids to Dance. A woman of many talents, Ms. Scher was a mediator for the state of Virginia and worked in Hospice first as a Pastoral Care Assistant and later as a Bereavement Coordinator.

Dr. Jewell Reinhart Coburn

JulieAn award-winning author of books for adults and young readers, Dr. Coburn traveled widely studying the history and culture of the world’s peoples.  She authored books used in the nation’s schools and universities designed to foster inter-cultural appreciation and understanding.  She received multiple awards for her Series, “The Search for Shared Values.” Each of the forty carefully researched stories from varying ethnic traditions are found in: Beyond the East Wind: Legends and Folktales of Vietnam; Khmers, Tigers, and Talismans: From the History and Legends of Mysterious Cambodia; Encircled Kingdom: Legends and Folktales of Laos plus Enchanted Necklace, revealing a little known fact from Hmong history.

Dr. Coburn’s Cinderella Series is based on her research of the origin of the fairy tale theme, first appearing in China and traced through SE Asia and on to France, contributes richly to the body of work in this genre.

Also by Dr. Coburn: Authentic Voices: Women of Insight Talk about Real Life Challenges; and From Inkling to Opus: Unlocking the Stories within You.

Dr. Coburn was instrumental in founding the first Hospice in the Conejo Valley of Westlake Village, Thousand Oaks, and Newbury Park, California, and published Death and living, a practical guide with spiritual emphasis for interfacing with terminal patients, their family members, and concerned others.  Additional information: www.jewellreinhartcoburnbooks.com

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