Bonafide geezers, ambivalent candidates for Modern Maturity, even whipper-snappers who only know about Eisenhower and Presley from books and records – rush to read this wonderful, wistful, witty anthology. You will laugh and you will cry.  And you will surely appreciate better how a pre-digital but vibrant generation found its unique and very American voice, one that changed the world.

Dr. David J. Steinberg, President Emeritus, Long Island University

Let the Clock Run Wild is a delightfully apt title for the engaging, enjoyable, and eclectic array of wit and wisdom found in this wonderful volume.  The experiences and insights revealed across this uninhibited and often lighthearted literary collection are certain to inspire the reader to better appreciate the veiled value of life’s multi-faceted dynamics, especially when seen from that peaceful perch of hindsight that so generously encourages and inspires us all.

Hymon T. Johnson, Professor Emeritus, Antioch University, Santa Barbara

Here is a medley of comedic and tragic pathos, rich with maturity and spirit. The writers could well be our next door neighbors, friends, passersby in the street, but seen in a new light. As they share bits and pieces of their lives, lived brilliantly, heartfully, graciously, profoundly, but also quite ordinarily, we discover previously unrecognized facets of ourselves. And surprise! We find that the subtle, spiritual dimension is not really so far apart from our everyday lives, but just a gentle step away, always ready to grace us with its wonder and mystery.

Al Drucker, author Self-Realization, the Knowledge of the Absolute and The Bhagavad Gita for Today


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